Welcome to AdsP2p. We are a peer to peer web based advertising facilitator. Just like other quality peer to peer services you are familiar with, like Airbnb and Turo, we minimize the middle man so that host and customer can interact directly.
AdsP2p provides a friendly and easy to use marketplace where advertisers and publishers can find each other. Hosted ads function like a billboard simply providing an attractive gateway to the advertiser's website. We do not have any of the complex and hard to verify concepts like cost per click, cost per view, and conversions. Ad spaces are reserved for one month at a time, and its as simple as that.

Advertisers shop for placements for their ads in our user friendly search page, by category, dates, and publisher website. They can see how much traffic the ad space gets, and which exact page the ad will be served in, and then request placement from the publisher with a button click. Advertisers can also continue to see how many views their ad sees during the display month through our intuitive interface. Both image and text ad placements are available, so Photoshop skills are optional. :)

Publishers get to review every requested placement and approve or deny it. An interactive calendar is provided so that they can decide if they will be offering a space for free, as part of our free community, or setting a purchase price.

AdsP2p has a free network

By hosting up to 3 free ad spaces every month you can also reserve up to 3 free ad spaces, for your advertisements, from third parties every month. If you don't wish to host ads, you of course can still purchase advertising space for your ads at great monthly rates. See below for more details.

How does AdsP2p Work?

Think of advertising space on a website as a great vacation rental you would like to rent out or occupy. It's a type of real estate. All the host needs is a guest, and all the guest needs is a temporary place to stay. AdsP2p helps these parties a publisher (host) and an advertiser (guest) find each other. Every AdsP2p customer can function as both a publisher and an advertiser.

  • Publisher - Lists their ad spaces in our system along with their rental rate. Puts javascript entries in their web pages to register their ad spaces and start collecting statistics.

  • Advertiser - Uploads their ad images to our system that match given standard dimensions, or use text ads. Searches through publisher spaces to find a space to host their ads for a given time frame, and requests ad placement in an ad space.

To keep things simple AdsP2p requires all pricing to be in 1 month increments.

Enrollment in AdsP2p is free, and free spaces can be both hosted and reserved for free. No money changes hands until paid ad spaces are purchased.

There is no such thing in the AdsP2p environment as paying for a click or paying for a view. So, there is very little room for fraud or ambiguity.

The advertiser knows exactly what they are paying for and statistics are provided within our system to see how much activity ads are getting. Publisher's individually approve every ad image that will be hosted on their website so they have complete control over what kind of advertisements display on their site and what kind of impression that makes on users.

For more details about how AdsP2p works you can read our documentation, and preview the terms of use for both advertisers and publishers.


   Preview Advertiser Terms Of Use

   Preview Publisher Terms Of Use

Ad spaces can be hosted using javascript or image links. Image links are useful for websites where javascript is prohibited.

Below is an example of how a script AdsP2p ad space will look on your website. Notice how there will be a classic hyperlink below the advertisement. This hyperlink will help the advertiser improve their SEO score, in addition to leading users to their website.

Ad by AdsP2p
Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.

Here is an example of how an image link will look. Image links will not have a classic hyperlink below them and use a redirect to lead to the advertiser's page rather than linking directly.

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