In order to advertise on AdsP2p you must agree to the following conditions. Read these conditions carefully and accept at the bottom of the page.

  • Definition Of Advertiser  An advertiser is an entity desiring to drive traffic to their website by creating an image ad and finding a publisher of another website to host their advertisement as a hyperlink to their website. The location available for this hosting on this third parties web page is referred to as an ad space. AdsP2p is a peer to peer advertising network that brings together advertisers and publishers so that they can have a marketplace in which to buy and sell advertising space.

  • Purchase Time Frame  Ad space is purchased in one month increments. Space purchased in the existing month will be purchased at the one month price even if there is only a fraction of the month left.

  • Free Advertisement Sharing Network  Up to 3 free advertising spaces per month, on a mix of publishers websites, can be reserved when an equal number of free advertising space on your website (the advertiser's website) is being offered for the same month. Publisher's also can offer only up to 3 free spaces per month on their site. When free spaces have been reserved the advertiser is not allowed to delist their offered free spaces on their publisher site, to a number that is less than what they have reserved on other sites, for the same month. So, in order for an advertiser to reserve free advertising they must also have a website where they offer free advertising spaces. Advertisers that only wish to pay for advertisements, of course, do not need to host ad spaces on their own website. Publishers that wish to only charge for advertising space and that have no interest in free advertising do not need to host free spaces.

  • Payment For Ads  With the exception of free advertisements, ads must be paid for by first depositing money into your ad account balance and then using these funds to purchase ad spaces on publishers websites.

  • Credit Card Payment Processing  All credit card transactions are handled through a third party company called Stripe. Stripe is a secure industry wide accepted payment processing vendor that handles your credit card information. AdsP2p does not store or process your credit card information. In fact we never see your credit card information at all. We instead leave all the credit card and bank account handling to Stripe and let them tell us that you have made a transaction.

  • Ad Purchase Process  Once an advertiser identifies an ad space they want to place an ad in, then they will request approval from the publisher. This request must be accepted or rejected within 4 days by the publisher or before the end of the purchase month, whichever comes sooner. Rejected or timed out requests will result in the the ad space becoming available for sale again and the advertiser's funds associated with the request will be returned to their advertising account.

    For requests where the purchase process is successfully completed, the hosting of the advertisement cannot be cancelled by either party and the advertisement must be displayed by the publisher for the entire duration of the purchase month. In the event the publisher is not able to display the advertisement during the purchased month, due to extraordinary circumstances, then the funds used to purchase the advertisement will be returned to the advertisers account. Repeated failure to display advertisements as agreed can result in a publisher account being frozen. Metrics of an advertisement's display activity is present in both the advertiser's and the publisher's dashboard, so that both parties can confirm that the ad is being shown.

  • Time Zone  Advertisement display and calendars are timed to a clock based on UTC time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or Zulu Time (Z).

  • No payments for clicks or views  AdsP2p tracks unique views only as a way to insure that advertisements are being properly hosted by publishers. There is no such thing as paying for clicks or views. Hosting an ad through AdsP2p means that the advertisement is present on the publishers website for the entire month, and that the ad can be clicked through to send a potential customer to a website. Therefore, there is no room in the AdsP2p advertising model for things such as click fraud. In addition to displaying a clickable image, AdsP2p also includes a standard hyperlink below each advertisement which can potentially increase the advertiser's search engine ranking, by implementing direct linking to your website.

  • Ad Account Refunds  Advertisers can refund a deposit from the transactions screen as long as the available funds in their ad account balance are equal to or exceeding the deposit amount. Stripe credit card processing fees will be subtracted from the refunded amount as will a $1 transaction fee. Stripe credit card processing fees are typically 2.9% of the deposit amount plus a 30 cent fixed charge. However, international transactions can include additional fees for currency conversion.

  • Ad Content  Adult images are permissible in ads but nothing is allowed that is illegal in the United States, or excessively violent, or hateful, or politically extreme. AdsP2p reserves the right to determine which content is acceptable. Unacceptable content can result in a warning or having your account suspended. All advertising images are regularly monitored manually and using artificial intelligence.

  • Publisher Ad Approval  Publishers have the right to refuse advertisement requests for any reason and without explanation.

  • Ad Links  The links that advertisements link to are monitored and checked against a database of banned websites. Advertisers trying to lead customers to websites associated with crime will be quickly banned and reported to authorities.

  • Immediate File Download Sites  Links that lead to sites that immediately pop up a prompt asking the user to download software upon entry will be treated as security threats and will result in the advertiser account being removed.

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