How To Create An Advertisement

What is an AdsP2p Advertisement?

Placing an advertisement on AdsP2p means that you are renting a virtual billboard on someone else's website to host your advertisement. An advertisement can either be a text ad or an image ad. Text ads have a headline, sub headline, a footer, and a hyperlink that invites a potential customer to click on it and go to your website. Image ads have a photo of various dimensions that contains an advertisement for your product or website and are also clickable to lead the user to your website. An example of the way an AdsP2p text and image advertisement looks is shown below.

  Text Ad Example

Text Ad Example

  Image Ad Example

Image Ad Example

In AdsP2p, advertising space (Ad Space) is rented on a monthly basis, and the purchaser does not pay for clicks or views. Instead, a purchaser can expect their advertisement to show in that Ad Space for the duration of their purchase. The AdsP2p user that is hosting an Ad Space on their website is referred to as a Publisher, and the AdsP2p user purchasing that Ad Space is an Advertiser. All users of AdsP2p can function as Publishers and/or Advertisers.

Create An Advertisement

After logging in, go to the "Advertise" menu item on the left. Push the blue "Create" button. You will see the "Create New Advertisement" screen. Here you will create the record for the advertisement that you will have hosted on one or many publisher's Ad Spaces.
Create new advertisement

  • Description - This field is for your own records, to keep track of this ad, and also helps the publisher get an idea of what this advertisement is about. It needs to be unique for every advertisement in your account. An example of a good description is "Puppy playing - dog food large bag".

  • URL - The URL that the user will go to when they click on your advertisement, when hosted in a publisher's webpage. This is a page in your website.

  • Dimensions - This is the size, in pixels of your advertisement, or you can choose text for a text advertisment. Advertisers must match the dimensions of their image ads to the dimensions of a publisher's Ad Space, except for text ads. A text ad can be placed in one of the following 3 dimensions.
    • 300x250
    • 630x158
    • 728x90

  • Ad Headline - The headline at the top of a text ad.

  • Ad Sub Headline - The sub headline underneath the headline.

  • Footer - A footer on a text ad. Does not show up for a 728x90 placement.

Choosing an image dimension will configure this advertisement as an image ad as shown below. Use the "Choose File" button to upload an image. The image should be the same size as the dimension chosen in the drop down, because the image will be sized to that dimension during upload. The closer the image is to that dimension, the less it will be distorted.

Create new image advertisement

Search For Publisher Spaces To Host Your Advertisement

After an advertisement is created you can look for a publisher to host it for you. This is done by clicking the "Search" button on the "View Advertisement" screen. The "View Advertisement" screen is presented immediately after creating an advertisement or can be found by choosing the "Advertise" main menu item and then clicking on an advertisment in the table listing all advertisements. The search screen is shown below.
Search For Publisher Ad Spaces
All of the search filters are optional except for the date range. Fill out your desired filters and you will get a search result similar to what is shown below. The results give you valuable information such as how much activity this ad space sees and how much it costs for the month listed. To request the ad placement use the blue "request" button. The publisher will get a notification that you want their ad space and will review your advertisement and either approve or deny it. An approved advertisement will show in this Ad Space for the month it is purchased. The publisher is paid early on the month following the month on which an advertisement was hosted.
Search For Publisher Ad Spaces